Event of the Week: Australian Darts Legends Championship

November 19, 2011

Right on Target for a Perfect Event!

 A good game of darts is a social sport that brings friends together in the spirit of competition. A throwing game, commonly played in pubs, the goal of darts is to get an arrow as close to a specific target as possible.  Whether the goal is fun or professional play, participants have a great time over a game. When you’re charged with hosting a darts championship, you’re sure to have as much fun planning as playing.

Australian Darts Legends Association

In early November, the Australian Darts Legends Association held its annual championship at Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford NSW. Founded in 1997, after the World Cup, the Australian Darts Legends Association was created for players over the age of 45.

“The Australian Legends Championships had a teams’ event, singles event, doubles event and mixed doubles. Each event was divided into four graded divisions in men’s and in ladies’ events,” Connie Spinks of the Australian Darts Legends Association explained to me.  The championship is a graded competition where players choose to play at their own level. Over 360 players from Australia attended.

A Championship, a Celebration

The Association chose to have tickets professionally printed for this event.  Custom collateral can create a professional feeling and set the tone for an event. Having paper tickets on hand made it easy to distribute them “to the state groups so that the players could attend the opening ceremony and presentation dinner.”

For the current championship, the Association chose to go with one ticket, but upon evaluation, Connie said she felt that it might be beneficial to print tickets of different colors to represent the separate events in the competition.

“The tear off stubs allowed us to have Lucky Draws,” Connie said. This meant the fun and competition didn’t end when the games of darts did. For the championship, “the prizes were trophies in each division for winners and runner up. The lucky door prizes were alcohol and gift sets.”

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