Event of the Week: Fremantle/Mosman Cricket Club Pirate Night

January 28, 2013

The FMPCC Pirates Raise Money With
Hundred Club Draw

The FMPCC Pirates Cricket Club, located in Western Australia, held its Pirate Night Hundred Club Draw at the Fremantle Mosman Club on the 12th of January. The event helped support the Fremantle/Mosman club as well as create an atmosphere of fun for all involved.

The FMPCC Pirates is part of a long tradition of cricket in North Fremantle.  According to the Pirates’ website, cricket has been played in North Fremantle since the late 19th century with Bobby Selk, the legendary Fremantle leg spinner. Recently, teams representing North Fremantle have played in the Fremantle Mercantile Competition. Also, the club based at Gil Fraser Oval have become stronger due to the mergers of the Bicton United Cricket Club and the Districts Cricket Club in the 1980s, as ell as the Mosman Park Cricket Club in the early 1990s. Now, the club participates in the Western Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association (WASTCA), one of the Pirates’ governing bodies. Currently, according to WASTCA’s website, the association is made up of 22 clubs and gives over 2,000 cricketers in the Perth metropolitan area the chance to play amazing cricket.

The FMPCC Pirates has several sponsors, including Armando Sports. Armando Sports was founded in 1994 by Armando De Abreu. The centre has since relocated to a small warhouse unit in the Fremantle suburb of O’Connor. According to the centre’s site, Armando Sports specializes in the club, school and corporate markets, supplying consumers with made-to-order and off-the-shelf uniforms, team wear, and other general sports equipment.  Armando Sports aims to give its customers superb service, quality products, great prices and speedy delivery. In 2008, years after a 1999 relocation to a small warehouse unit in O’Connor, Fremantle, Armando Sports moved to their current location on Stock Road, O’Connor. Also, in that same year, Armando Sports’ “Online Sports Shopping Centre” was introduced.

De Abreu said that for Pirates Night, email and verbal networking was used to spread the word about the event, as well as where to buy tickets. For De Abreu, preparing the tickets was “exceptionally easy.”

The event was great fun for everyone involved. “Everyone dressed like a pirate,” said De Abreu. “Hilarious!”

To learn more about Armando Sports, you can visit the official site and Facebook page. You can also learn more about the FMPCC Pirates at their website. To learn more about West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association, visit their official site.

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