Event of the Week: Learmouth Football and Netball Club Annual Ball

October 11, 2011

A Bit of a Party for Team Morale

When it comes to planning an event and ensuring strong attendance, consider the advice of Shane Herbertson of the Learmouth Football and Netball Club:

“Get the tickets out early. Professional looking tickets are a good selling point.”

On 6 August, Shane’s organization held an annual ball for its members. “We’re a football/netball club and each year we have a ball where everyone gets a bit dressed up and has a bit of a party. [It’s] good for team morale to have these events,” Shane explained.

For the Annual Ball, Shane’s team had tickets professionally printed by Eventgroove. They chose the “Yellow Image General Admission Ticket.” The ticket is true to its name, incorporating the color yellow with black text and a white background. The ticket has space for an image, and Shane’s team chose to use the logo of a swan.

The tickets included all the important details of the event. Each general admission ticket was individually numbered with a detachable stub, and this came in very handy for the Annual Ball. “We were able to use the numbered ticket stubs as a means to draw a door prize. [This] saved issuing additional door prize tickets. Counting up how many people were there was easy,” Shane told me.

In the case of Learmouth Football and Netball Club having tickets professionally printed paid off. The general admission tickets served several important purposes. This can be a take-away for any organization planning a similar event. Sequentially numbered tickets with detachable stubs provide a secure way to track attendees, and they can serve a dual purpose. If you’re planning a draw as an additional attraction, attendees can use their stubs to claim prizes. Additionally, a high quality ticket bearing the logo of the team or organisation provides a tangible, branded image for attendees.

As for selling the tickets, Sean’s team took a laid back approach. “Ads around the club and word of mouth,” were the basis of the sales strategy. “[We] had good numbers there, so I guess it worked out ok,” Shane said.

For Shane and his team, the highlights of the event were a “relaxed atmosphere, food and drinks, music.” “Not having to clean the place the next day,” also made the list.

With professionally printed tickets in the party portfolio, a well planned event and a stress free venue, it sounds like the Learmouth Football and Netball Club’s Annual Ball was a real success!

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