Event of the Week: U.G.L.Y. Comedy Night

November 29, 2015

The U.G.L.Y. Comedy Night Provides Laughs, Raises Money for the Leukaemia Foundation

The Wallacia Hotel dabbled in some ugly behavior the 10th of October. Or, better yet, some U.G.L.Y. behavior. The U.G.L.Y. Comedy Night helped raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. The event was part of the U.G.LY. Bartender of the Year competition, which also raised funds and awareness for the foundation. (By the way, U.G.L.Y. stands for “Understanding, Generous, Likeable You”).

Brooke Cahill, U.G.L.Y. bar manager, wrote in an email interview that the event provided ease-of-care for many Leukaemia patients. “
With every $80 we raised, this provided one night’s worth of accommodation for a patient and their family member near their centre of treatment,” wrote Cahill. “The hosted event raised almost $2000 on the night including ticket sales and raffle tickets sold.”

There wasn’t a lot of time to promote the event, but with the small window available, a lot was still able to get done. “Due to the time frame in which the event had to be organised we only had a few weeks to raise awareness,” wrote Cahill. During the two to three weeks that led up to the event, Cahill wrote that several marketing strategies were adopted, such as word-of-mouth between bar staff and patrons, posters placed around the pub, letter drops in the Wallacia and Silverdale area, and a half-page ad in the Penrith Press.

With $2000 raised, it’s clear that the event was a huge success. “We had approximately 50-60 people show up on the night for the event, however more tickets were sold beyond that,” Cahill wrote. “Beyond the crowd of laughter – thanks to the wonderful comedians that provided the nights entertainment – one of the highlights was the unexpected auction of the Leukaemia Foundations stuffed penguin mascot which one of our patrons bid $200 to buy.”

From her own experience with the time frame for this event, Cahill states that marketing early is highly important when it comes to marketing. If someone were to plan a similar event I would advise them to start marketing and promoting the event at least two months prior,” she wrote. “Our night was highly successful and no doubt the efficiency of selling tickets online pushed more sales, however we had very limited time to promote the event.”

If you’d like to learn more about U.G.L.Y., how to donate, and more about the Leukaemia Foundation, visit uglybartender.org.

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