Event of the Week: Angel’s Tribute Band

June 6, 2014

Angel’s Tribute Band Rocks Margate Tavern

Margate Tavern in Margate, Tasmania had the night of a lifetime on the 31st of May. The tavern’s event of the night Angel’s Tribute Band, had a ton of amazing patrons, awesome music, and a lot of fun.

Thomas Atkins, the manager of Margate Tavern spoke more about the event. “The reason for the event was that there is a local Band that plays around Tassy called 24/7,” said Atkins. “They have been together for around 15 years. They were all born and bred in the Margate area and were wanting to finish a tour of their Angel’s tribute concert in Margate.”

“Promoting the event worked extremely well through our Margate Tavern Facebook page, along with posters that 24/7 had made up for us that we put throughout the hotel to let people know,” he said. “It was a matter of posted regular feeds on our Facebook page to keep people informed how ticket sales were going. This worked great for us.”

The event was a huge success for Margate Tavern. “As far as the question how the event went, it could not have run smoother,” said Atkins. “We opened our doors for the band at 8 p.m. and by around 8.45 p.m. we had 300 excited patrons in our hotel ready to watch a great two great local bands.”

“I had already mentioned the main band,24/7,but they had also organised a back up band who are called Australia Made. These guys have also played around Tassy over the past two decades in one form or another,” Atkins continued. “All of our customers had a great night without one problem occurring throughout the event, which I thought was amazing, considering there were 300 people packed into our hotel from all different walks of life. Over 25 years of working in hotels around Tasmania, I have never run a band night were there has not been at least one incident happen throughout the night, whether it be big or small. Our security company we had working for us also did a tremendous job and certainly kept a good eye on the nights festivities.”

With all of the cool things happening that night, what did Atkins think was the best part? “The best part of the event for me was seeing how much people were enjoying themselves in Margate,” said Atkins. “It is a close knit community and people have been starved for entertainment in this area for quite some time.”

If you’re planning an event similar to Angel’s Tribute Band, here are Atkin’s suggestions for a great night.

“If anyone was planning a similar event, I would say to them to firstly, organise the event at least a month prior to the starting date,” he said. “Give yourself plenty of time to sell tickets. Secondly, if you don’t have a website or at least a Facebook page, get one. These are the best tools to use, in my opinion, to promote an event in your complex, without costing you a heap of money. Make sure you contact the local authorities to make them aware that you are holding an event in your area so they have enough police in your area, just in case.”

“Most importantly, make sure you know how many people you can hold in your venue,” he continued. “If anyone came to check throughout the night and found that you had too many people in your venue, they would end it pretty quickly.”

You can read more about the event and the great reception at Margate Tavern’s Facebook page.

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