Awkward Moments

August 26, 2010

A motorcyclist was caught earlier this year, by a photographer for the Herald Sun, transporting a barbecue down the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne on his bike. Pictured cruising while sandwiched between the barbecue and his seat, the man was caught in what can only be described as an awkward moment.

Have you ever experienced an awkward moment at an event you’ve attended? Perhaps the organizer never conveyed the message that guests were supposed to bring food or drinks or that it was meant to be a black tie affair, and you showed up in a t-shirt and your favorite jeans? While it’s likely you’ll never find yourself in as awkward a position as this particular motorist, you know, a little pre-planning can make any event run smoothly.

Eventgroove is the perfect place to start. Professionally printed promotional materials that clearly detail the important information about your next event will make a world of difference. When you customize your message on our Posters and Flyers, you can let your guests know just what to bring and what to wear to your big occasion. While you can’t always control your guests’ behavior, you can set the tone and make sure your event passes with ease, hopefully, avoiding any awkward moments along the way.

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