Event of the Week: Generation Queer Fundraising Trivia Night

December 11, 2012

Regional Youth Support Services project for LGBTQI in New South Wales

Sixteenth November was a night for the guests at the Generation Queer (GenQ) Fundraising Trivia Night to test their knowledge. The event, held at the Youth Arts Warehouse in Gosford, New South Wales, provided fun and support for GenQ.

GenQ is part of the Regional Youth Support Services, according to Jamie McKenzie, a facilitator at GenQ. “Regional Youth Support Services is a dedicated youth service operating on the Central Coast, New South Wales for the past 26 years,” said McKenzie. “We offer Information, Support, Referral and case work to young people aged 12-25 years. One part of the organisation is the GenQ (Generation Queer) project, this is a dedicated part of our service, working with LGBTQI young people and the community.”

McKenzie said the event was held to help with GenQ’s services. “The purpose of the event was to raise the funds to keep GenQ operating,” said McKenzie. “[P]reviously GenQ has received small grants and donations to keep it running from year to year. By holding the fundraiser we hope to make GenQ self sufficient and rely less on yearly funding.”

The team at GenQ used social and print media to market the event, but they also leaned heavily on word of mouth and their existing contacts. According to McKenzie. These two elements proved to be the best form of marketing.

GenQ also used pre-booking to sell their tickets. “[B]y doing this we were able to confirm numbers, and if they didn’t turn up at the event, we still were able to get the funds for that particular ticket holder,” said McKenzie. “This worked extremely well as we had a full house on the evening and were almost at capacity 4-5 days before the event.”

The event was a success, according to McKenzie. “The best part of our event [was] being able to see everyone enjoying themselves, getting involved and some very comical answers to the trivia questions,” said McKenzie. “We also had two fantastic hosts that brought the house down and a fantastic cabaret show. We exceeded our fundraising goals so we are extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to next year’s event.”

“To do lists are your friend!” said McKenzie. “Using to do list with set times [and] dates to have [things] done by allow you to make sure nothing is missed and that you are able to get everything done within a realistic timeframe.”

Creating and printing the tickets online was, of course, part of GenQ’S to do list. “[T]his allowed us to have artistic freedom on how they looked, [what they] had on them, and their functionality as well as the safety to be able to tick it off the to do list without worrying about having to pick them up,” said McKenzie.

If you’d like to learn more about GenQ and Regional Youth Support Services, click here to visit the organisation’s website and Facebook page.

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