Event of the Week: Professional Women’s Wrestling Alliance

October 22, 2011

Australia’s First and Top All Women’s Wrestling Promotion Shows Us How It’s Done

With these tickets
, we feel, upon stepping into our venue for a show, people get the same feeling they get when purchasing a ticket to a major artist/band coming to Australia from overseas. Or for a big stage show. And that is the atmosphere we want to create, and can do so with the tickets at Eventgroove.

~James McMath, Professional Women’s Wrestling Alliance

Part show, part sport, full spectacle! When James McMath and the Professional Women’s Wrestling Alliance (PWWA) needed to give their events an extra advantage, they turned to Eventgroove to help them up the ante.

A professional wrestling group based out of New South Wales, the PWWA is the sister organization to Australian’s Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA). The PWWA is “Australia’s First and top all Women wrestling promotion.” It is one of a kind in New South Wales and features local, national, and international talent.

Determined to promote, plan,
and pull off events that draw a crowd and feel truly professional, the PWWA uses online templates to design and print tickets. “Having the Eventgroove produced tickets give us an edge on a lot of companies. Originally, we were creating our own tickets, but they didn’t look right,” James told me.

For an event this past September, the PWWA chose, the Pink Image General Admission Ticket. The two color ticket features pink and black as part of its design, making it perfect for the all ladies wrestling event. There is also space for the PWWA logo. The ticket has individual numbering and a detachable stub, which are great for tracking attendees.

“The biggest highlight [of this event] would have been the main event match, which was a match pitting three women against each other, Jessie McKay from Campbelltown, NSW, Nicole Matthews from Vancouver, Canada and reigning PWWA and SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles. These three contested against one another for the SHIMMER Championship, an international championship being defended for the first time ever outside of North America. It was an outstanding match and had the audience in attendance give them all a standing ovation following the conclusion.

How did PWWA attract such a great audience for this event? First they look to their existing customers. “We sell tickets to events at each event we hold. PWA Australia holds one show per month, first Friday of every month (unless stated otherwise) at the Liverpool Masonic Centre in Liverpool. At these shows, you can purchase tickets at a reduced rate for a show upcoming.

“We also sell tickets at the door, with a higher purchase rate. We target those already attending our events, and possibly wanting to bring a friend who may not have experienced Australian Wrestling before, and thus encourage pre-buying the tickets rather than at the door. Pre-buying the tickets also guarantees a seat, as we will reserve seats under the name of the buy upon purchase.” James explained to me.

Presales of tickets at a discount rate have a couple of advantages. Ticket buyers are excited to purchase tickets at a lower cost, and event organizers can better gauge attendance before the event.

To promote its events, the PWWA uses a number of different methods, including “posters and hand out fliers to draw the initial attention of the local surrounding areas to where we will be holding events. On top of that, Facebook and Twitter along with other social networking is great for internet media attention. Alongside, we also produce videos that go on our official YouTube account to promote the shows, featuring the wrestlers themselves speaking about upcoming bouts.”

James advises, “”Make sure to target the correct audience for these kind of events. Do not promote just in one field, experiment with them all.”

And his advice is solid! The event in September “went off without a hitch! We pulled in a stronger audience than originally thought coming to the date, and were very pleased with the entire show.”

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