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Why Eventgroove?

Eventgroove provides a one-stop shop for all types of event and fundraising products. We have created customised online stores for more than 100 organisations. Whether you are a national organisation looking for a central, user-friendly option for chapters to source their event collateral, an event promoter who needs a way to offer print packages to accompany your shows, or a product reseller, we can create a store that works for you! 

We offer high quality products to your own clients under your own brand. You can choose to sell our templates and designs, or let our design team create fully custom designs for your organisation. Event organisers select a design, customise for their event, and place their order. We print and blind ship directly to the customer and share a percentage of order revenue with you.

Configure store


Select products. Choose from thousands of pre-designed templates, oruse your own artwork. Send us your designs and we will create customisable online templates.


White Label vs Private Label.

  • Private label: our brand is completely hidden. Only your branding and logo will be displayed on the site, products, and packaging.
  • White label: Our brand will appear in the URL, and top navigation. 

Blind shipping. All orders will arrive in a plain brown cardboard box, with no reference to our brand.


Admin site. We will give you access to our admin site where you can view reports, and control access to your site.


User groups. If your organisation has different segments or chapters, we can import those into our system so users can associate their account with a particular segment.

Branding options

1. Custom banner. Send us a banner graphic to ensure brand continuity between your print-on-demand site and any other online experiences through your organisation.

2. URL. White label and private label both allow you to customise the subdomain for your site to match your brand.

  • (white label)
  • (private label)

3. Fonts. We can use any Google font for all text on your site. 

4. Colors. Send us your preferred brand color and we can apply it to all the buttons and links on your site.

Payments & accounting


Product markup. We can add a global markup to all products on your site. The extra revenue generated from the markup will be added to your quarterly revenue share payment.


Billing process. Customers enter their credit card information at checkout. 


Reports. In the reports section of the admin site, you can view and download data regarding orders, products, and revenue.


Payment notes. If you need additional accounting information per order, we can set up a custom payment notation field at checkout that will be stored with each transaction and available in your reports.

Security options


Secure login. We can secure your site so only visitors with a username and password will be able to gain access. New users will fill out a Request Access form on the login page, which will automatically send an email to you, the admin of the site, to approve.


Order approval. For an extra level of regulation, you can choose to have every order approved by someone in your organisation. You can assign ‘order approver’ status to any user in your organisation from the admin site. When an order is placed, the customer will select their order approver from a menu, and they will both receive a confirmation after the order is placed. The customer who placed the order will receive a final confirmation after the order has been approved. Then the order will enter our order system and we will begin printing!

Key Features

Variable data

Each printed piece will be printed with unique data you upload from a spreadsheet

Smart data entry

Enter event data once, and it will populate all items you select (no double-typing!)

File sharing

Users within your organization can make their uploaded files accessible to others

Order scheduling

Select a future date for your order to be processed and shipped

iFrame embed

Embed your print-on-demand platform directly on your website

Event Kits

Bundle common products together, and build them as a kit

Who should apply?

Event management platforms

Marketing agencies

Nonprofit organizations

National film tours

Event planners

Graphic designers


Promotion companies

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