Sustainable Events: How to Organise Attendees and Reduce Waste

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April 16, 2024

Creating sustainable events requires small but impactful changes that collectively contribute to environmental conservation. This guide explores the essentials of sustainable event planning, focusing on innovative ticketing solutions, waste reduction strategies, and engaging attendees in eco-friendly practices.

Sustainable Events and Digital Ticketing

One way to reduce waste for in-person events is to commit to digital ticketing. In addition to being easier on the environment, digital tickets deliver an efficient guest check-in experience. When you use an events platform, your event staff can scan guests using their mobile phones!

However, digital ticketing presents unique challenges, particularly in managing large crowds and ensuring quick identification of guests’ access privileges. This is where the clever use of wristbands comes into play.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Streamlining Check-In with Wristbands

Integrating digital ticketing with wristbands can further optimise your event operations. Here’s how:

  • Colour Coding: Use different coloured wristbands for various ticket types or access levels to speed up access control and reduce bottlenecks at entry points—red for VIPs, yellow for staff, etc.
  • Bar Codes: Wristbands equipped with bar codes can be scanned like digital tickets, allowing quick verification of attendee details and facilitating smooth movement through access points.
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Wristbands and Event Sustainability

Eventgroove event wristbands may feel and look like especially durable paper, but we print them on Tyvek. DuPont, the maker of Tyvek, has long been committed to sustainability. 25 years ago, they established sustainability goals and were among the first companies to appoint a Chief Sustainability Officer. That focus on climate responsibility aligns with our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

Additionally, Tyvek is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Dupont states that, “Because Tyvek® is a high-value recyclable material, we encourage recycling. However, if landfilling is necessary, Tyvek® is an inert material, and will not leach harmful compounds into groundwater. Tyvek® can be safely incinerated and, under optimal conditions, will lead to only the release of water and carbon dioxide, leaving no residue. In fact, it can even be used as fuel, yielding more than twice the energy value of coal, and as much energy as oil, in terms of BTU rating.”

Sustainable Crowd Management Strategies

Beyond ticketing, there are several strategies to manage your event crowd sustainably:
  • Biodegradable Materials: Opt for biodegradable cutlery and plates wherever possible.
  • Carpool and Public Transport Incentives: Offer perks like reduced parking fees to encourage attendees to carpool or use public transport.
  • Water Refill Stations: Minimise plastic bottle use by setting up water refill stations throughout the venue. Encourage attendees to bring their reusable water bottles, provide compostable cups, and sell branded reusable bottles.

Proactive Wristband Recycling Tips for Event Organisers

Effective wristband recycling strategies are essential:

  • Clear Communication: Use social media, email, and event announcements to inform and engage attendees in recycling efforts.
  • Recycling Stations: Place clearly marked recycling bins around the venue to encourage the recycling of wristbands and other materials.
  • Real-Time Updates: Employ mobile platforms and SMS updates to remind attendees about recycling options during the event.

Choosing the Right Partners

When planning your event, partnering with eco-friendly companies can significantly lower its environmental impact. Look for vendors using renewable energy, supporting carbon removal, and engaging in sustainable practices.

Putting Green Plans into Action

Now that you’re equipped with actionable tips for greening your events let’s bring those plans to life!  Our printing services make ordering on-brand custom event wristbands a snap. 

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