How to Promote Your Event or Fundraiser

May 16, 2010

Generate some buzz! How? We like to think that the first part of the process involves printing yourself some smart promotional materials. Chapter one in our book of event promotion? We can offer you the perfect publicity package, including Posters and Flyers, which match other materials you may want to use in your venue. You do want to make a production of it, after all, don’t you?

You’ll find our material features everything you need to get the message across. Bright, bold, full-colour artwork. Lots of text line so you can customise each Poster or Flyer with all your event information. And best of all, our customers tell us, is the image upload feature. Many of our large and small format event promotion materials allow you to upload between five and ten of your own logos, images, headshots, or designs, right to our ticket templates. What could be better?

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