It’s all well and good to say one produces high quality print jobs. But what do it mean? When we say it, we mean first and foremost, that we will do the job correctly, that your print run will match your proofs, and that you will be satisfied with your Tickets, Posters, and other materials. It goes without saying that we will print in high-resolution. What do we mean? We mean photo-quality reproduction. This is the new millennium, after all! You deserve sharp, accurate images that help you to look your best. When we say ‘full colour’, we mean bright, brilliant, beautiful shades, and when we say ‘full bleed’, we mean that colour will cover the entire ticket.

For us, quality means going that extra kilometre, offering booklet stapling if you wish, and safety features like barcode and individual numbering as standard features on any item where security may be an issue. Quality is fine, thick card stock, and friendly customer service agents ready to answer your calls. Quality is twenty-four hour turnaround so your order ships out fast and you can get back to business. At Eventgroove, quality is our business.