How to Organise a Reverse Raffle

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May 16, 2024

Organizing fundraising events can be challenging, particularly when you want to make your event stand out from the rest. One fun way to do this is to host a reverse raffle. This spin on the conventional raffle format adds excitement to your event and can significantly boost its fundraising potential.

What is a Reverse Raffle?

A reverse raffle turns the typical raffle idea on its head. People buy raffle tickets to avoid winning a funny or embarrassing prize, instead of buying tickets to win something they actually want.

The excitement starts when participants pay to have their tickets eliminated from the pool. It’s kind of like musical chairs — no one wants to be the one left holding the final ticket!

Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

Define the Forfeit:

The key to a successful reverse raffle is choosing a forfeit prize that’s fun but not too daunting. It could be something simple like wearing a funny hat or costume, singing a silly song, or performing a light-hearted dance routine. The goal is to keep it enjoyable and engaging, ensuring participants feel entertained rather than embarrassed.

Gather Your Materials:

You will need:

  • Tickets: Ensure you have enough reverse raffle tickets to distribute to all participants so that they can pay you to take them back!
  • A Ticket Drum: A transparent drum to mix the tickets helps maintain transparency.
  • Promotional Materials: Print flyers and digital posts to promote your event.

Set Your Pricing Structure

Decide how much ticket holders must pay to remove their tickets from the drawing. A tiered approach works well. For example, the ticket price could increase as fewer tickets remain in the drum. This adds excitement and encourages more contributions as the game progresses.

Market Your Raffle Event

Use social media platforms, posters, postcards, email newsletters, and word-of-mouth to spread the word about your unique fundraiser. Highlight your reverse raffle’s element of fun to pique interest and boost attendance.

Host Your Event

On the day of, have a charismatic host to keep the energy high and explain the rules. As the reverse drawing proceeds, keep the atmosphere light and engage with the audience to encourage participation.

Follow Up

After the event, send out thank you notes to all participants, highlighting the fun had and the total funds raised. Sharing photos or videos of the event (with participants’ permissions) can help maintain engagement for future fundraisers.

Promotional Materials and Strategies

  1. Printed Posters and QR Codes: Utilize visually appealing custom printed posters with a QR code linking directly to your event page for easy access to event details and online registration or donation.
  2. Online Tools: Employ consistent, eye-catching graphics across your social media channels. Create email campaigns to boost participation.
  3. Fundraiser Website: Create a raffle page with all event details and a place to buy tickets.
old encyclopedias as a prize in a reverse raffle

Ideas for Reverse Raffle Grand Prizes

  1. The Broken Blender: A malfunctioning blender that only works when you jiggle the cord just right. Guaranteed to frustrate anyone attempting to make a smoothie!
  2. Dare Duty: The “winner” must do something silly and slightly embarrassing, such as singing a funny song in front of everyone or wearing a goofy outfit for the rest of the event.
  3. Mismatched Socks Collection: A bag full of socks, none of which have a matching pair. Perfect for those who love a fashion challenge.
  4. Expired Coupons: A bundle of expired coupons for various products and services. Participants can enjoy the thrill of trying to redeem them, only to be disappointed.
  5. Dusty Old Encyclopedia Set: A vintage encyclopedia set from the ’80s, complete with outdated information and yellowed pages.
  6. Broken Umbrella: A leaky umbrella that collapses unexpectedly during rainstorms. Guaranteed to leave the winner soaked!
  7. Unwanted Fruitcake: The classic holiday fruitcake that nobody actually wants. Bonus points if it’s been regifted multiple times.
  8. Invisible Pet Rock: A pet rock that’s so invisible, even the winner won’t know they have it. Great for imaginary companionship.

Reverse Raffle FAQs

Q: How many tickets should each participant receive?

A: To keep things simple and fair, it’s best to sell one ticket per person.

Q: What are some good ideas for forfeits (prizes)?

A: Keep it light – costume dress-ups, silly public declarations, or fun challenges work well.

Q: How can I ensure that the raffle is fair?

A: Use a transparent ticket drum and a neutral party to draw the tickets to maintain fairness and transparency.


Organising a reverse raffle is a fantastic way to inject some playfulness into fundraising. By following these steps, you can ensure your event is not only enjoyable but also a great success. Remember, the key is to keep everything light-hearted and focused on the community spirit.

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