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June 12, 2024

The world has witnessed a digital transformation, and raffles are no exception. While online raffles are highly effective in sheer reach, they can’t replace the tangible excitement of holding a printed ticket. The good news is you don’t have to give up the benefits of either raffle type.

That’s where the hybrid approach comes in. By combining the convenience of online sales with the tactile experience of printed raffle tickets, you’re casting a wider fundraising net and leveraging the unique strengths of in-person raffles.

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Printed Raffle Ticket Benefits

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Not everyone is comfortable with or able to conduct digital transactions. Printed tickets can help you reach out to an older demographic or others who prefer traditional methods or payment, thus broadening your audience.

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Tangible excitement.

There’s value in holding a physical ticket in your hand. That ticket serves as a palpable reminder of the potential win. It also stokes anticipation, a feeling that can be hard to capture in the digital sphere.
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In-person sales.

Printed raffle tickets open up opportunities to spread awareness and support IRL. Having physical tickets on hand allows for spontaneous sales that might not happen online.
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Visibility and promotion.

A printed raffle ticket is a mini billboard. Each time someone sees a ticket, it triggers a reminder of your event and mission. This visual cue can spur word-of-mouth promotion, increasing ticket sales and overall reach.
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Trust and transparency.

Physical raffle tickets can also add a layer of legitimacy to your raffle fundraiser. Participants can hold their tickets and see their ticket numbers.

What an Online Raffle Brings to the Table

The most notable benefit of an online raffle is the capacity to engage a global audience. Thanks to online access, anyone anywhere can purchase a raffle ticket.

Online raffles also offer convenience. Supporters can purchase tickets whenever it works for them without going anywhere. Plus, with your raffle platform’s social media integration, sharing and promoting your raffle is effortless, potentially generating a more extensive reach and more ticket sales.

While online raffles offer significant advantages, the combination of an online raffle and a physical raffle with printed tickets can create a synergy that optimises the reach, excitement, and overall success of your fundraising event. This approach instills a sense of optimism and hope for a more successful event.

Wrapping Up

Raffles are an opportunity to engage your community, create excitement, and make a real difference for your cause. By combining virtual and IRL elements, you’re reaching more people and raising greater awareness.

Hand-in-hand with that approach are custom-printed tickets. Though they’re old school, they’re a key part of your hybrid raffle fundraising strategy. They can help you reach more people, create a buzz around your event, and ultimately raise more funds. You can even add sponsor ads to the back to cover their cost.

The other aspect of a hybrid fundraising event is how to handle online sales. For that, you’ll need a raffle fundraising platform. Using both printed raffle tickets and tech, you can create a killer hybrid raffle!

Ready to start fundraising? Our nonprofit fundraising platform is built to support all your online, hybrid, and in-person efforts. Launch your online raffle now and order custom raffle tickets.

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