Peer-to-Peer Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas + Best Practices

May 10, 2024

Youth sports programs need to raise a lot of money, whether to purchase new team uniforms or cover travel expenses or facility fees. How do you keep the fundraising fresh and engaging while reaching as many potential donors as possible?

Peer-to-peer fundraising promotes a sense of community among team members and their families. It also helps your team create a community of supporters who can all contribute to the cause. Plus, it allows your team to reach many potential donors.

One of the key advantages of peer-to-peer fundraising is its convenience and ease of setup. This makes it an ideal choice for busy coaches and parents, as it doesn’t require extensive time or effort to get started.

The benefits of peer-to-peer for youth sports fundraising

Peer-to-peer leverages the personal social media networks of participants, volunteers, donors, and sponsors to help organisers reach their fundraising goals. Using peer-to-peer fundraising helps you reach more people and engage with individuals who are willing to participate. Incorporating it into your team’s fundraising strategy results in:


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Increased awareness.

As more people become involved with your youth sports fundraiser, they spread the word within their own social media networks. In doing so, they expose your cause to a larger audience who may be willing to donate or support your team’s cause.
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Increased donor engagement.

When supporters are actively participating in fundraisers, they’re more likely to stay engaged throughout the process. The reason for this is that they feel a personal connection to the cause. That vested interest can develop into a sense of loyalty, which could lead to future donations or even volunteering for your organization.
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More money raised.

The wider net and increased engagement that peer-to-peer fundraising produces results in more donations.

Youth sports team peer-to-peer fundraiser best practices

Use the below peer-to-peer event best practices as a guide to make your fundraising campaign a success!

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Create an engaging fundraising page. Your event site is where potential donors can learn more about your cause. There should be:

  • Clear instructions on how to get involved
  • Incentives for people who donate or participate in activities related to the fundraiser
  • Multiple ways for people to donate (e.g., online donations via credit card or PayPal).
  • Different levels of rewards based on donation size (e.g., t-shirts or posters)
  • A fundraising thermometer so visitors can see the difference they’re making in real time!
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Be realistic about how much money you hope to raise and how many people you expect to participate.

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Track your fundrasier’s progress and share updates with participants on social media, via email, and on your fundraiser site.

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Thank everyone who participated. After the fundraiser has ended, follow up with donors to thank them once again and share how you used their donations.

5 peer-to-peer fundraising ideas for youth sports teams

Number 1


Ask older players or coaches from college or high school teams who come from similar backgrounds as yours to get involved. Younger players within the community will build their skills and gain valuable insight from experienced players. Younger and older players alike can set up their own fundraising pages and ask for pledges to support their participation.
Number 2

Colour Run.

A colour run can be a fun and creative way to raise money for a youth sports team. Participants can ask friends and family to sponsor them for a certain amount per mile run or to donate a flat fee. During the run, participants get covered in vibrant colours, making for a fun and memorable experience. This peer-to-peer fundraiser is especially shareable on social media, which can enhance donations and participation.

Number 3

Sports Camp.

Host a sports camp for young children, with the proceeds going towards your good cause. The youth sports team members can serve as coaches and create their own fundraising pages to ask friends and family to sponsor them. The bonus of this fundraiser is that it also introduces kids to the wonderful act of mentorship.
Number 4


A walkathon is a classic peer-to-peer fundraising idea that can be easily adapted for youth sports teams. Similar to the color run, participants can ask friends and family to sponsor them for a certain amount per mile walked or to donate a flat fee. When you create your walkathon as a hybrid event, team members can log their miles wherever they are!

Number 5

Mow-a-lawn, shovel-a-walk, rake-leaves, or dog-walk fundraiser.

Set up a sale fundraiser. In exchange for a donation to your team, players perform whatever task you’ve determined. Introduce peer-to-peer by asking players to create their own fundraising pages and ask for pledges per lawn mowed or dog walked. Print posters with QR codes that direct to your fundraising page so that people all over the community can easily support your cause.

Bonus youth sports fundraising idea

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Raffles are a proven, tried-and-true way for teams to generate revenue. They can be done in person, or online, or both (as in a hybrid raffle). Also, you can get really creative with the prizes or simply run a 50/50 (aka cash) raffle.

Use technology to support your fundraising

Technology is a major time saver and a powerful tool for youth sports teams!

By utilising a fundraising platform, you’ll streamline many aspects of running a successful peer-to-peer fundraiser. Creating a donation page, seamlessly collecting online donations, sending thank you emails/letters after receiving funds, and tracking analytics are all at your fingertips. Plus, Eventgroove provides tools such as customisable pages where participants can promote their individual fundraisers. Start fundraising with us today!

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