Reach goals using our array of fundraising features

A powerful fundraising toolkit at your fingertips

 Eventgroove Fundraising is for everyone with a cause, from individuals to large nonprofits.

Six fundraiser types

Choose from raffles, a-thons, auctions, crowdfunding, sweepstakes, and sales fundraisers.

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Mobile fundraising

Cast a wide fundraising net using comprehensive mobile features including text-to-give and mobile payments.

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Flexible pricing

Use our service for free through our unique tip pricing; percent pricing is also available for larger organisations.

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Team fundraising

Boost donations with a little friendly competition! Create fundraising teams and display leaderboards and rankings. Track progress in real time and reward the top teams with prizes.

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Global reach

Open up your fundraising efforts! Our platform accepts donations in 36+ currencies from donors in over 135 countries. 

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Helpful resources

Have fundraising questions or want advice? Our quick guide will help you get started, and we are always adding helpful resources to our help center.

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Printed tickets

Attract more donors and fundraiser attendees! Sell printed tickets and raffle tickets together with online offerings, and track it all from your dashboard. 

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Easy promotion

Harness the power of online! Advertise your fundraiser with social sharing, campaign emails, our embeddable widget, and Mobile Giving.


No exchange fees

Open up your fundraising efforts! Our platform accepts donations in 36+ currencies from donors in over 135 countries. 

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Local currency

Leave the exchange rates to us—all data reports for your campaigns automatically use your native currency for the simplest reporting!

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Partner program

License the Eventgroove Fundraising service, branded to your organisation.

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Simple dashboard

Manage every aspect of your fundraiser in one place. Easily add participants, track donations, and share updates for your donors.

Secure payments

Completely secure donations are someting donors can be happy about! Plus, they’ll receive an instant receipt to use for tax deductions.


Supporter hub

Display all your fundraisers on a landing page customised with your organisation’s logo, colors, and text. Send supporters a single link where they can view all your events and get involved.



Your personal data is just that—personal. We store your data securely and will never sell it. Additionally, you can set an individual fundraiser status to public or private, as well as conceal the last name of the fundraising team participants.


Custom pages

Generate branded fundraising pages for individual fundraising team members with a click!  Include countdown timers and goal counters to drive their efforts. Participants can personalise their pages with text and images.

Any device

Access your fundraising platform and its features at any time from any device, from smartphones to laptops to PCs.


Have internet? You’re in business! Create and manage all aspects of your fundraiser from anywhere.

No apps

App-free fundraising? Yes, please! Speedily access your platform right in your browser. 

Branded pages

Build trust and participation! Create a consistent look and feel across the board from raffles and auctions to a-thons by adding logos, banner images, and text. You can even customise your URL.


Everyone wants to be a winner! Encourage healthy competition among team participants using fundraising thermometers and achievement badges throughout your platform.


Stay on top of fundraising goals and progress. Data on each participant is available right in your dashboard. Fundraising targets can be set by organisers or by participants themselves.

Flexible drawing

Say hello to organised draws! When your raffle is over, you can choose to have our system draw winners automatically or draw them yourself.

Automated notifications

Save loads of time! We can send donors automated messages regarding bids, entries, and purchases. All you have to do is write the text—we’ll take care of the rest.


Combine multiple campaigns into one unified effort to diversify how donors can participate with your cause. Encourage donors to bid and buy raffle entries and sale items all in one transaction.


Inspire participants to meet their fundraising goals! Include prizes for individuals and teams who achieve fundraising milestones. Showcase real-time standings as well as rewards on your fundraising page.

Inspire action for your cause and boost donations

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