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Centralised, affordable, and uncomplicated online fundraising

T-shirt sales, jog-a-thons, auctions, giveaways, raffles…create as many different fundraisers as you want. Working with a team? No problem—assign access, set permissions, and more so that everyone can work together. No matter how many events you have, they’ll all be hosted in one place, making it easy for supporters to find all the different ways to get involved.



For organisers. Manage fundraising teams large and small from a single login. All donations are securely processed within the platform.


For participants. Students or faculty participating in fundraising efforts can create their own customised pages showing fundraising progress, donors, and more.


Centralised supporter hub. Create a branded supporter center where supporters can see all your fundraisers. Add a direct link to this page from your website and all your social media platforms to ensure accessibility.


For donors. Easy giving anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Donors can choose which individual or fundraising team gets their donation credit.

Inspire involvement and a culture of giving

Effortless online fundraising makes it easy for everyone to participate and donate.

Team fundraising

Get your membership involved with peer-to-peer fundraising! Track progress with a leaderboard and reward top teams with prizes. Plus, participants can personalize their pages. 

Easy payments

Sell tickets, take pledges and donations, and register attendees…all online. Cash payments are easy, too. Enter offline donations and sales in your dashboard.

Platform privacy

You can set your fundraiser as public or private and hide the last names of participants. We will never use or sell your information.

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