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International fundraising: expand your reach

Run a fundraising campaign that spans the globe.
Expand your fundraising goals globally with Eventgroove Fundraising’s powerful platform. Set up an online international fundraising campaign, and reach donors in over 36 countries in minutes. Donations can be accepted in hundreds of currencies, and will automatically convert to your local currency for reporting purposes.  You no longer have to worry about exchange rates or extra international fees. Streamline your fundraising by allowing all donors everywhere to contribute to the same cause. Simplify your fundraisers by hosting them all with one tool.  Our flexible data collection will allow donors in any country to enter their address and phone number in their local format. Data is automatically converted to your local currency for easy tracking and reporting. Access this data anywhere, anytime in your fundraising dashboard. 

Local currency and user data

Expand your reach. Accept donations in over 36 different countries around the world.
Flexible currency. 135+ different currencies are accepted for donations.
Customer data. Gather and store customer contact data, including phone numbers and addresses, in their local format. Access with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Easy cross-border fundraising

Break down barriers with an international fundraising campaign that can span the globe.

Payment security

Donations from international donors are completely secure with Stripe Payment options

No exchange fees

There are no exchange fees when you set up your fundraiser in local currency

Local currency

All data reports for your campaigns will automatically use your native currency, for the simplest reporting!

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