Event Kits

Our super efficient unique event kit technology is specifically designed for events requiring multiple products. Design, customise, and add products to your cart with minimal typing.

Package popular products for ordering ease

Allow users to order an entire collection of products all on one screen. They will start by entering their event data into a pop-up form which will automatically populate every product they select. They can further customise each product before adding it to their kit, and then add everything together to the cart.


Simple order flow


Condensed product listing for product-heavy sites


Smart data entry (no double-typing!)


Exclusive features

How it works

Enter your event data manually, or import via an API (we can set this up for you). Once you have selected an existing event or entered a new event, start customising your templates. You will notice that the event data you entered is automatically populating those form fields. You can modify the text as you want, and add the product to your kit. After you have customised each piece of your event kit, you can add the entire kit to your cart. If you have to step away, or your internet disconnects while you are working, don’t worry! Your kit saves automatically in the drafts section of your account.

Exclusive event kit features

Lock quantity

Limit the product quantity your customers are allowed to order

Required products

Require certain products to be in the cart before checkout is allowed


Your work will automatically be saved as you work

Data entry

Enter your event data once, and it will populate all products

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